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A community for those interested in making and sharing The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart themed music vids. We're more or less a fandom by now, dammit, and we need the vidding love.

A Few Meager Rules / Some Information:

1. All vids allowed and encouraged. Whatever form they take. If you have something against a particular slashy (rps) or lovey type of vid, just don't download and watch it. Same goes for any politically themed videos that may appear, or tribute vids, etc. Only rule is that they have to be centered on The Daily Show, or feature The Daily Show somehow. The Daily Show related people is also very much allowed.

2. This community is not locked so if you don't want to share it publicly, be sure to friends-lock it.

3. Icons, fanwork, etc. have other communities, please see those and limit your activity here to vidding. Also, just in case it comes up, pimping of communities must be The Daily Show related.

4. A suggested format for posting:

Warnings/Theme: [i.e. RPS, pairing if RPS, politically themed, tribute vid, etc.]

5. If you are using MegaUpload.com and/or FileFactory.com (as both have more or less unlimited downloads for the one file - as long as that file is active at least once a month) they are slower for a lot of people so if you can, please also include a YouSendIt.com link. Not a rule per se, but it would make it easier for some people. Your call.

This user info is likely to change to something I didn't write up in five minutes, but that is basically the gist. I'm not even sure if there is a need for a TDS vidding comm, but I'm hoping this may rally some into making more vids. A girl can hope, right?

Your very unexperienced mod,
- thedtree