A new vid!

Band/Song: Brendan Benson's Alternative to Love
Author: thejiglett
Links/Size/Format: YSI -or- MU // 16MB // .wmv
Warnings/Theme: Slash! Stay away if that's not your thing // Stephen/Jon
Notes: I didn't see myself making another S/J video and yet here it is. A vast improvement over the first if you ask me. I want to thank winterlongone for inspiring me with her fic. I also want to give a shout out to all the other vid makers in the fandom: thedtree, courtney_beth, booksnconverse, wow_a_taffypull, house_luker05, and zenified. When ever I get stuck or frustrated, I watch your videos for ideas and to get fired up again. So thanks! Anywho, download, watch, tell me what you think. ♥
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Sound & Fury

New Video

Band/Song: "Never Knew" by The Rocket Summer
Author: safetrap_cultee
Links/Size: Quicktime format or AVI (19.63 MB)
Warnings/Theme: Jon/Stephen
Notes: Dedicated to courtney_beth because she gave me the song and I said I wasn't going to do this vid, but well, that's boredom for you. Hope you like it even though it's not the pairing you wanted.

And just a note, the audio pops a little for some reason. I'm using a new program and have not figured out how to fix it yet, sorry. Hopefully it's not too distracting.

And here is the song if anyone wants it, because it is just a really awesome song.
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How's about it?

May I make a suggestion? Perhaps it would be a nice way to kick off the community by having everyone who has already made a video to post them here. Most of us have probably already seen each other's vids but who knows what we might have missed, right? I find that watching the other vids inspire me the most when I'm working on a project. Also, would someone with more general knowledge about vidding (like about the different programs out there and such) want to create a 'how to get started' post to maybe help out anyone who wants to make a vid but doesn't know where to start. I think Windows Movie Maker comes standard on Dell computers so there are probably some members who know even know they have it. Anywho, just a couple of my thoughts. Make of them what you will.

One more thing: For my next vid project, for the challenge, I want to do a 'This Week in God' theme but I'm having trouble finding the right song. Can anyone think of a pop-ish song mentioning god or faith. And no, I don't mean a Christian rock song. ;P Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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SC - I'm a model

In the spirit of Oct-olbert.

courtney_beth gave me the idea of giving a monthly challenge that people could choose to partake in and since it's Oct-olbert the subject of that challenge wasn't too hard to come up with. ;)

So here's the challenge:

Stephen Colbert, loved correspondent and soon to be pundit, is love. He's high status idiot love. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show us all exactly how much you love him and why. That simple. You can do whatever you want: favorite Stephen bits set to Britney Spears, Angry Stephen set to NIN, an intricate love story between Stephen and The God Machine, it doesn't matter. Just show us the love.

Challenge ends at the end of the month, and participants will get... um, a cookie? Er... I'll come up with that later. >_>

Happy Vidding!

- D.
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SC - I'm a model


Hello all,

I have no clue if the TDS fandom even needs this community, but here it is. A place for vidders of all kinds to share their The Daily Show music vids. There are a few rules and stuff in the user info, but mostly it's just a laid back attempt at getting people to make more vids.

Is it working?

Anyhoo, welcome one and all! Let's hope that this community flourishes so that we can all have pretty vids to watch. :)

And, as a note of warning, anything goes. So if something offends you (such as RPS-style vids), simply ignore it. Whining about it will get you smacked over the head with my frying pan.

That said, make vids! Share! And most of all, enjoy the TDS goodness.

Peace out,
- thedtree